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My Tree Roots
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Thomas Vital Records

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Marriage Certificates
Sexton Family Tate Family Branch Family White Family
    Jacob D Branch and Nora Edna Edwards George White & Lilly Abshire
      Anthony Plymale & Bathia Bowen
Farley Family Strong Family Thomas Family Burcham Family

James Farley & Hassie Reed

Original  (cropped) Reissue

Robert Workman & Lucinda (Lenderna) Surface

John B. Thomas & Mary Widener  Js W. Bircham & Savela Alice Gwynn
Paul Farley and & Kathleen Strong John A Strong & Louisa V Hughes John B Thomas & Martha E Wilson pg 1  2  
John Lewis Farely & Nancy E Caldwell Emory Strong & Mara Burkes Tut Jackson & Lucille Thomas   
Jacob Reed and  Claudia Lucas Emory Strong & Pearl Workman    

Mike Farley & Genevieve Trail

Original / reissue

Victor Farley & Laura Farley      
Albert Farley & Mary Donahoe      
Alexander Farley & Sarah Dwiggins      
Thomas Harvy & Mariah Lephew