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Joan Elburn Farley

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Kathy's Elburn Family Photos

The pictures are labeled to the best of my ability if you can add anything or have any old family photos to share please email me.

Family of Joan Elburn Farley

Charles Miller

Mollie Meier Miller

Ned Ringgold

Walter Elburn - 96th birthday

Walter, Joe, Walter, Molly, baby Ringgold

Walter and Molly Elburn - 50th anniversary

Walter, Jessie, Billy, Jimmy, Nancy

Trail and Mabel Elburn

Joan Elburn Farley and Logan Scott Carroll

Walter Elburn

Iona, Chris and Shelby Elburn, Ioana's naturalization 2007

Ringgold and daughter Joan Elburn

Ned and Annie Ringgold

Mollie Meier Miller

Mollie Meier Miller

Molly and Ethel Ringgold

Mollie Meier Miller

Molly Ringgold Elburn

Walter, Dick, Ringgold, and Joe

Walter, Molly Elburn, Susanna Ringgold, Rev Arters

Edward Ringgold Elburn

Mabel Miller (wearing Edward Elburn's uniform jacket & cap)

William and Mary Miller 50th anniversary

Mabel Miller and Edward Ringgold Elburn 50th anniversary

Mabel Miller and Edward Ringgold Elburn wedding photo

Mabel Elizabeth Miller (Elburn)

Rev Joseph Allen Arters

Joan Elburn (Farley) age 2

Joan Elburn (Farley) age 1

James Ellsworth Elburn

Ioana Dudu and Christopher Edward Elburn

Charles Miller

Ethel Baum Ringgold and Molly Rebecca Ringgold

Greenhouse of Elburn Florist Circa 1940

Edward Ringgold Elburn

Edward Ringgold Elburn

Miller's 50th Anniversary

BR = Russell "Albert" Miller, Carl Elburn, Ringgold and Mabel Elburn, Joan Elburn, William "Russell" Miller, James Porter

Sitting = Faye Miller holding Tracy, William and Mary Miller, Nancy Miller Porter

FR = John Robert and James Porter JR.

The first Elburn Florist Model T truck with family gathered around

Walter and Mary and sons

Taken during WWII to send overseas to Edward Ringgold Elburn

BR = Walter, Joe, Mom Elburn, Mary Miller, Mabel Miller Elburn, Wm H Miller

FR = Billy, Nancy & Jimmy - Walter's Children by first wife

BR= Joseph A Elburn, Wm Walter Elburn, Virgie C Elburn, Edward Ringgold Elburn, Mabel Elizabeth Miller Elburn, Helen cole Elburn, Richard Deford Elburn, Wm Walter Jr

MR =  James H Elburn, Betty Winterstein Elburn, Walter Ludlow Elburn, Nancy mae Elburn, Bonnie L Bostic Elburn

FR = Helen M Elburn, Josephine Elburn, Joan Elburn Farley, Carl E Elburn

Walter Ludlow Elburn

Carl Edward Elburn age 2

Edward Ringgold Elburn, Carrie Ann Elburn Carroll, David Alan Carroll

Joan and Carl Elburn 1952

Carl Edward Elburn & Harriett Rebecca Lusby

Blade Edward Elburn

Andrew Johnson Toulson and Hanna Sapp Toulson