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My Tree Roots

Family Photos


Descendants of

Thomas B Farley Sr

Francis Farley Jr

family of

Joan Elburn Farley

Descendants of

John Strong

Descendants of

John B Thomas

Alice Thomas

Marvin Thomas

Descendants of

Ramsey Sexton

Descendants of

Jacob Branch

Descendants of

George White

Sollars / Witten






Kathy's Farley Photos

(graphic heavy - allow time to load)

The pictures are labeled to the best of my ability if you can add anything or have any old family photos to share please email me.

Thomas Buery Farley III


James H and Claudia Farley

Anderson Alley

James H and Claudia Farley

 Kathleen Lucille Strong Farley

Charlene Paulette Farley Strouth

Paul Ernest Farley and Kathleen Strong Farley

Patsy Ann Farley Thomas


Charlene Paulette Farley Strouth, Kathy Annette Thomas Sexton, Kathleen Lucille Strong Farley 

Kathy A Thomas Sexton and James R Sexton

Farley family crest - one of many


John Kennedy, Hunter Thomas, Pasty Farley Thomas

 Sheila Farley Adair and Family

Bob Farley and family (Alonzo's grandson)

James Harvery Farley and Claudia (second wife) Children



Alonzo Hampton Farley Sr

James Sr. and Howard Farley

James Elwood Farley and friends

James and Kathy Sexton

Alonzo Farley Jr and Sisters and Alonzo Farley Sr on right

Alonzo Hampton Farley JR


Alonzo Hampton Farley SR


C E Farley

Earl Lee Farley

Robert and Hazel Farley

(Paul's Brother)


Bob and Loretta Farley (Ohio)

Hodgkins Family

Joshua Profitt (front) Adeline and Wade Bishop, Kathy and Heather Profitt


Charlene Paulette Farley

Robert and Kendal Farley

(Alonzo's grandson - Ohio)



Ohio Farley Branch (Alonzo's grandkids)



Alonzo Hampton Farley Jr and second wife Betty



John and Jennifer Farley (Ohio branch)



Mae Reed Crabtree (Claudia's daughter by first husband - only photo I have of her)

Kathleen Lucille Farley

Bennett Craig Strouth

Earl Lee Farley

Patsy Ann Farley (Thomas)

Patsy, Paul, Kat, Charlene

Paul and Kat Farley

Paul and Kat Farley

Paul and Kat Farley

Paul and Kat Farley

Russell Farley

9th grade graduation

Patsy Ann Farley 2nd row from top 2nd from left

Craig and Tammy Strouth

James Farley

Dot Farley

Mary Katherine Jenkins Farley, Age 16,1950


Bob Farley

Shane, Loretta, Shawn Farley

Shane, Bob, Shawn Farley

Kathy Annette Thomas Sexton





Farley Family Reunion circa 1999 (I was there but can't remember when haha)

(the photos below were taken with a cheap digital camera and therefore the quality is not very good)

Wade Bishop, Luther Carter, James Farley

Theresa's Daughter

Jim Pryor

Robert Farley

Mathew and Jacob

Kathy Farley


Luther Carter

Kathleen Strong Farley

Ben Strouth and Wade Bishop

Adeline Farley Bishop

Jimmy Profitt

Cecil Bishop, friend and Adeline Bishop

Bill Crawford and John


Joshua Profitt

John Morgan

John Morgan and family



Jimmy Proffit  and Jonathan Bishop

Howard Farley

Linda Farley

Jill, Adam and Matthew

James Farley

Catherine and Julie Farley


Jack Farley

Inside Church were Reunion was held

William Hunter Thomas SR

Christian Mission Church - were reunion was held in Bluewell WV

Heather Proffit