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My Tree Roots

Family Photos


Descendants of

Thomas B Farley Sr

Francis Farley Jr

family of

Joan Elburn Farley

Descendants of

John Strong

Descendants of

John B Thomas

Alice Thomas

Marvin Thomas

Descendants of

Ramsey Sexton

Descendants of

Jacob Branch

Descendants of

George White

Sollars / Witten







Kathy's Grave Stone Photos

These are just miscellaneous photos of Family Grave stones I have collected.  If you have any to add, please email me..


Mt Herman Church - Nemours, Mercer Co, WV - Wild Meadow Cemetery




Unknown Cemetery in NC (I have had this picture many years)


Pocahontas Cemetery - Pocahontas, Tazewell Co, VA


Roselawn Memorial Gardens - Princeton, Mercer Co, WV





Woodlawn Cemetery - Bluewell, Mercer, WV


Lester Cemetery - Lester, Raleigh, WV



Gullion-Godbey Cemetery - Bramwell, Mercer, WV




Nelson Farley Cemetery - Summers Co WV (near Pipestem)


Sexton-Alsip Cemetery - Whitley Co., KY

Altizer Cemetery - Montgomery Co, VA


Old Stone Church Cemetery - Lewisburg, Greenbrier Co, WV



   Hunter's Cemetery - Alum Spring Rd, Off Little Creek Rd, Pulaski Co, VA