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Kathy's Witten Photos

The pictures are labeled to the best of my ability if you can add anything or have any old family photos to share please email me.

Sent to me by Mary Sollars Duke


Mary Sollars Hall Age 25 1956


charcoal sketch of Ignatius Sr and wife Elizabeth

Ignatius Jr.

Jeramia Witten and wife

L to R Azariah Sollers, Ignatius Sollers Jr. and Truman Sollars. Missing is William. All sons of Ignatius Sollars Sr.

(courtesy of RC Sollars)

These are the "Arms" of Richard de Solers, he was an Earl and is the knight who was buried at Sollars Hope Hereford, in the first half of the 11th century and his tomb cover is the oldest incised tomb cover in England. The Knight would be wrapped in white Linen and laid to rest in the floor of the church.,
with chunks of charcoal and fragrant herbs.
This is Sollers Hope  (St Michaels)
The oldest incised tombstone found here from first half 11th century and is a Sollers tomobstone. During Henry 8th program of destroying all things catholic it was thrown out of church and was broken.
Samuel Henderson, son of
Hannah Sollars and James Henderson.
Hannah is sister of Seibert Sollars who married Mary Morrow.




Francis Marion Witten


John Witten

William Wright Witten

Fort Witten


Ignatius Sollars Jr. and his 3rd wife Phoebe Dewitt Irby Sollars