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My Tree Roots

Family Photos


Descendants of

Thomas B Farley Sr

Francis Farley Jr

family of

Joan Elburn Farley

Descendants of

John Strong

Descendants of

John B Thomas

Alice Thomas

Marvin Thomas

Descendants of

Ramsey Sexton

Descendants of

Jacob Branch

Descendants of

George White

Sollars / Witten





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Kathy's White Photos

The pictures are labeled to the best of my ability if you can add anything or have any old family photos to share please email me.


Lilly Abshire White

George and Lilly Abshire White



















Reatha Branch and Sue


White Family

George, John and Lilly White

Lilly Abshire White and Lessie White Branch


Charles Robert Suthers Jr  

Charles Robert Suthers, Sr

Launa Tines