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My Tree Roots

West Virginia

Virginia Tennessee


All Military



Before America

David Staurt  / 1746 the Battle of Culloden, Scotland


Before the Revolution


French & Indian War

George Dillard / Jamestown Colonial Virginia Militia - War against the Indians

James Stephen Dillard Sr. / Lieutenant - Virginia Militia Military Service

James Stephen Dillard Jr./ Captain in the French & Indian War Jan 1758

John Strong III/ 2nd Virginia Regiment French & Indian War

Sherwood Strong / private in the 2nd Virginia Regiment.


Lord Dunmore’s War

Edward G Hale / Documentary History of Dunmore's War 1774 973.2, THW, Colonial, p. 398

Charles Sexton / Lord Dunmore’s War – 1774 - Capt Herbert’s Co VA Mil

William Sexton / Lord Dunmore’s War – 1774 - Capt Crockatt’s Co VA Mil

Thomas J Witten / VA militia/Point Pleasant

Thomas Copley / Revolutionary War/ Point Pleasant

Revolutionary War

Emera Altizer / private / VA infantry

Edward Cockram / Revolutionary War soldier in the 1st Virginia Regiment.

Jasper Billings / Revolutionary War 6th Regiment /Old Three Runs, SC

John Billings / Revolutionary War Pvt 1st Regt Carolinas

On the Revolutionary War Rolls, 1775-1783, John Billings, Pvt 1st Regt, was in garrison at the siege of Charleston in 1780.

 His last payment was on Feb 1, 1780. He was taken prisoner by the British or Tories and then died on a prison ship in Charleston, SC

Thomas Copley / Revolutionary War/ Point Pleasant

Moses Dickerson Sr / Revolution 1776 Henry Co., Va.

James Stephen Dillard III / Revolutionary War - 1ST Lieutenant - 2ND VA BRIGADE - 10 VA Regiment - 5TH DIVISION-

Thomas B Farley Sr / Sgt. in Revolutionary War

Edward G Hale

David Hall Sr. / County of Bedford in the State of Virginia under Captain Epps in the company commanded by

the said Cpt. Epps. 18 month enlistment
discharged at Salisbury in the State of North Carolina


Richard Thomas Harvey Sr. / Revolutionary war - private in the Virginia Militia


Peter Hedrick / Lt Colonel, 11th Battalion Lancaster Co,Penn Militia Military Service 10 Oct 1774 American Revolutionary War


Benjamin Hughes / in Captain Samuel Hubbard's Company and was in the battle of Brandywine September 11, 1777


Jonathan Jackson / Third Regiment Of The Virginia Line


Andrew Michael Reed / private - 3rd PA


George William Reed  /9th. N.C / Kings Mountain


McKinney Robinson / 11th Virginia Regiment


John Scalf Sr / 10th Regiment -1777-1780 -Was about 13 years old when he enlisted


Benjamin Sexton /  Montgomery Co VA Militia


Charles Sexton /  South Carolina Militia


Archibald Sexton / 14th Virginia Line Regiment


John Sexton / 14 Virginia Regt 1777/ Militia of Montgomery County, Virginia,1780/


William Sexton /  14 Regiment, VA Line


William Sheffield /  Private, NC Militia, 10th NC Line


Massey Thomas / Private






War of 1812


Thomas Strong


James N Tynes / private in Captain Jennings' company.



Mexican / American War

Henry Erskine / as Captain, Virginia Volunteers

Elijah Sexton /  5th Tennessee Volunteers

Henry Sexton / 5th Tennessee Volunteers


Civil War

Daniel Billings / 55th North Carolina Infantry - Private - Company B

Eli Billings  /Co. I, 61st NC Infantry, CSA

William H Caldwell / in the 51st VA infantry, Co B, as a private

William Gordon Carter / Private - 45th infantry co H Confederate /killed at battle of Cloyds Mountain

Wilson Cox / 72nd Regiment, Virginia Militia (Russell County)

Early Dickerson / 2nd Lt., Co. A, 54th Va. Inf., CSA Military Service/

Enlisted on Oct. 10, 1861 at Jacksonville, Va. (Currently Floyd Co., Va.) and was on the rolls at least through May 4, 1864.

Henry H Dickerson /Pvt. Co. I, 63rd Va., CSA Military

Leonard Dickerson / Co. A, 42nd Va. Inf., CSA Military

Moral R Dickerson / Co. A, 54th Va. Inf., CSA Military Service

William Dickerson / Pvt., Co. D, 29th Va. Inf., CSA Military

James Dunford / 34th Battalion. Virginia Cavalry - Company A/ Rank in = Private, Rank out = Sergeant

Christian Pearis Farley / 51st Virginia Infantry

John Hall / Confederate 23rd Battalion, Virginia Infantry - Private - Co D

Basil Mutter / Civil War 37th Virginia Infantry - Private - Company I

Basil Mutter / 2nd enlistment / 16 Virginia Cavalry - Sergeant - Company B

Lorenzo Dow Sexton / enlisted 24 Jun 1861 at Independence VA Priv K Co 51st Inf Reg VA/

 wounded in face at Gaines' Mill 3 Jun 1864.

William D Sexton / Priv K Co 51st Regt VA

John Austin Strong / private - 2nd Regiment, Company I

William Suiter /  8th Virginia Cavalry - Private - Company F

James Madison Thomas /  37 Regiment VA Infantry - Co H

Issac Trent /  H Co. 37th Inf Reg. VA

James Wilson White /  17th Virginia Cavalry - Private - Company C

Robert Workman Jr / 60 Virginia Infantry - Private Co H


Robert J Strong

Sir John William Farley / Served in World War I in France.
Knighted by the French Embassy in 1999. Honored with the French Legion of Honor. Rank of Sir bestowed


Walter Daniel Branch

Charles Broderick Hale


John Edgar Thomas / Staff SGT US Army , Korea


Eddie White / Sgt. US Army / killed by landmine



This list is close to complete (about as much as I can get it). Not all pertinent information is listed on this page -

much of it is in the tree listed under notes. One day I will attempt to link the notes to each name - however that is a future project