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West Virginia

Virginia Tennessee


All Military



Heritage - not hate!

(if you're looking for hate - please leave this site.

This is a family history site in memory of our ancestors that fought for the Confederacy)


more names need to be added - please be patient


51st Virginia Infantry

Regiment Flag


Lorenzo D Sexton

Christian Pearis Farley

William H Caldwell

William D Sexton


2nd Virginia Cavalry

Company I

John A Strong


Daniel Billings / 55th North Carolina Infantry - Private - Company B

Eli Billings  /Co. I, 61st NC Infantry, CSA

William Gordon Carter / Private - 45th infantry co H Confederate /killed at battle of Cloyds Mountain

Wilson Cox / 72nd Regiment, Virginia Militia (Russell County)

Early Dickerson / 2nd Lt., Co. A, 54th Va. Inf., CSA Military Service/

Henry H Dickerson /Pvt. Co. I, 63rd Va., CSA Military

Leonard Dickerson / Co. A, 42nd Va. Inf., CSA Military

Moral R Dickerson / Co. A, 54th Va. Inf., CSA Military Service

William Dickerson / Pvt., Co. D, 29th Va. Inf., CSA Military

James Dunford / 34th Battalion. Virginia Cavalry - Company A/ Rank in = Private, Rank out = Sergeant

John Hall / Confederate 23rd Battalion, Virginia Infantry - Private - Co D

Basil Mutter / Civil War 37th Virginia Infantry - Private - Company I

Basil Mutter / 2nd enlistment / 16 Virginia Cavalry - Sergeant - Company B

William Suiter /  8th Virginia Cavalry - Private - Company F

James Madison Thomas /  37 Regiment VA Infantry - Co H

Issac Trent /  H Co. 37th Inf Reg. VA

James Wilson White /  17th Virginia Cavalry - Private - Company C

Robert Workman Jr / 60 Virginia Infantry - Private Co H