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Family Tree
Welcome to my site! You are welcome to browse all you wish. 
There are certainly mistakes contained within...perhaps I have the wrong information....maybe I just made a typo.
If you have any suggestions, comments, corrections or additions, please email me! (but be nice please...I do this for the shear joy I get out of tracing my family tree.  As another researcher says so perfectly on her site...Remember The Golden Rule! If you just want to write to abuse and harass me because you don't agree with my information, you are wasting your time, your email will be deleted with no reply)
Please do not assume the accuracy of any of this information. It is the result of over 25 years of research. Much of it is documented. Some is not.  Some was, but for the life of me I can't remember or find some of it now.  I have documented as much as possible as I am entering the information into my computer.  I started this research as a teenager, when many of my grandparents (and great-grandparents) generation was still living.  Some of it comes from them.  As is standard - you will not find dates or notes on living individuals, but you will see their names and be able to trace the line.  This information is often updated and sometimes is redone if I find reasonable proof that I am wrong.  There are a couple of lines that some will probably disagree with.  You certainly have the right to disagree...you just do not have the right to harass me about it. That being said...I love meeting new people and will be happy to discuss my tree, and possible alternatives with anyone that wants to discuss, not fight.
As Many a researcher has said before me. Matters of public record herein are not subject to copyright.  No Copyright is implied on this information.  (except where noted - some of the notes come from other people...this is always noted and their copyright remains intact - please respect that copyright and do not claim the material as your own)  That does not mean however that you can just copy and paste my website as your own.  Please feel free to use my data for NON-COMMERCIAL purposes, but enter it into your own tree program and build your own website.  Please feel free to link to this page, but do not "hotlink" to anything on my site, as this steals the bandwidth that I pay for.
The Rootsweb tree will almost always be the most up to date version as it is easier to update
this version however does not have names of living people
The tree is available at Rootsweb at the following address (database = tree_roots)
this file is updated more often than the file here because it is much easier to update
last updated 11-25-2013


Website version

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last updated 11-25-2013
Sexton / Thomas and Others - Family Tree